Clown and Puppeteer


My name is Daniel Becerra, «La Chistera».

I offer my shows to children from 5 years old to 2546 years old.

My shows are suitable for theatres, academies, street, schools…

Here are some videos of my shows:

  • «Dreams», puppet show: puppets from different countries and using several techniques (strings, hands, fingers, objects…): Youtube  ;   Youku
  • «Smile», clown show: beautiful and crazy: Youtube   ;   Youku
  • «Boxing Combat», clown show: Youtube   ;   Youku
  • «Bonny», puppet: storyteller, bouffon, entertainer..: Youtube   ;   Youku
  • You can also watch some Pictures at my Gallery


If you are interested in any of these shows, or you want a personalized event, you can contact me at: ; or WeChat id lachistera



Daniel Becerra, «La Chistera»

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